Vice Presidents and Honorary Life Members - Listing and Appointment Process

Honorary Life Vice President

David Gower OBE 

Vice Presidents

Robert H Bowden 

Richard Gearey 

Peter Herbert  

Jon Hibberd

Alan Kingston 

Michael Lloyd 

Denis Luff & Barbara Luff

Robert Mole

John Woodcock OBE

Richard Thomson 

John Young

Martyn Clarke

Martin Bearpark (17/3/2021)

Honorary Life Members

Neil Bonathan

Allen Snow

Julie Sturt (17/3/2021)

Appointment of Life Members and Vice Presidents

  1. The Criteria

    The Committee are charged with ensuring that the positions of Honorary Life Member and Vice President are not in any way devalued. 

    Nominated Life Members must have been a Member of the Club or have been very strongly associated with the Club for at least twenty-five years and have rendered exceptional service to the Club.

    Nominated Vice-Presidents shall be elected from among Club members who have rendered exceptional services either to the Club and/or to Cricket in general.

    In the case of Vice Presidents, in addition to “services to the club and/or to the game of cricket”, the likely future continuation as a volunteer and the need to secure such continued involvement in the club may also be considered.

    It shall be the convention that in any one year a maximum of two persons shall be selected by The Committee at the AGM for election as Vice President.

    (In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to exceed two nominations and that decision shall be ratified at Annual General Meeting).

    It is not the intention to appoint Honorary Life Members on an annual basis and if no nominations are forthcoming and/or those nominated are not recommended, then so be it. 

  2. The process of appointing Honorary Life Members and Vice Presidents

    Appointment of Vice Presidents and Life Members is a standing agenda item at the AGM.

    The opportunity to submit nominations will be announced, at latest, as part of the issuing the agenda for the AGM.

    The deadline for submission, of nominations will always be at least one week prior to the data of the AGM to enable prior consideration and agreement by The Committee.

    Nominations can be made by any member of the club or by The Club Committee itself.

    The nomination is to be seconded by another club member or by consensus within The Committee.

    A description of the reasons for the recommendation is to be provided in support of the nomination.

  3. Nominations

    Upon receipt of the nominations and if necessary, The Committee will liaise with the nominator prior to the AGM to acquire further supporting information.

    The Committee will contact the person nominated to ensure they are happy to assume the position of Life Member or Vice President.

     It follows if the person is not willing to stand then the proposal to the AGM in respect of that person will not be made.

    The Committee will consider the nominations and if it thinks fit make recommendations for formal approval and ratification at the AGM.

  4. The Role and Acknowledgement of Vice Presidents and Honorary Life Members

No specific roles or tasks are expected of Vice Presidents or Honorary Life Members, although It is envisioned that recipients of both positions will remain as ambassadors of the club.

The positions of Honorary Life Member and Vice President should be acknowledged by The Club from time to time by providing functions, benefits, and other events of recognition.



Longparish Cricket Club Committee

January 2021

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