Longparish Cricket Club - Club Development Plan

Longparish Cricket Club Development Plan

Step Number

Step Name

What have we got now?


What do we want?


How will we get there?

When will we get there?

Who is responsible and the partners we will work with

What will it cost?



Accreditation achieved in 2011, Re-accreditation achieved 2018,

Annual Health check completed 2019.

Maintain evidence files

Maintain and work towards future re-accreditation

Re-accreditation due for 2021, new system to be introduced by ECB.

Committee Members



Local Community Links

Informal links with Longparish & Whitchurch Schools. Part of Longparish village association, increased links with local community.

Continue to build links with local community and Primary Schools. Encourage “try it and see” coaching sessions at the Club.

Liaise with schools and local community organisations

Continue positive progression

Junior Coaches & other Committee members



Practice Facilities

Two longstanding net lanes. Nets at end of natural life in terms of maintenance and required standard.

New cricket net facilities.

Club Funds, fundraising and grant applications


General Committee

£22k - £28k


General facilities

New 25 year lease signed 2018. Adequate pavilion incorporating modern facilities.

Update and refurbish pavilion, improvement to pavilion layout. New pavilion roof required within 10 years.

Upgrade pavilion, general maintenance. Club funds and fund raising


General Committee

Ongoing maintenance cost. Upgrade costs tbc.


Playing facilities

Square with 5 pitches that is adequate for a home game every week for 1st and 2nd Teams. Artificial wicket for Colts cricket. 3rd Team shares Leckford Estate ground

Southern premier league accreditation and ground suitable for all levels of cricket

Continued work on ground and facilities to ensure standards are met

2020 season.

Groundsman & Committee



Maintenance of Grounds

Roller, 2 pitch mowers, general mower for ground boundary, gang mower for outfield, two modern lightweight sightscreens, two heavy metal sightscreens, covers for one wicket and storage

Continued maintenance of machinery.



Continued need for maintenance.

Groundsman & Committee

Ongoing maintenance cost