Longparish Cricket Club - Recruitment policy

Recruitment Policy


LCC has not and will not seek Club appointment holders from outside the membership of the Club.  This policy assures that every one who comes forward to serve LCC has already vouched to uphold the high standards enshrined within the LCC Constitution and all the Policies which seed from that.  Furthermore, no one being recruited to a role within LCC, will not be well known by all of the General Committee prior to consideration for a role within the Club.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, LCC shall ensure that all individuals working within cricket at, or for, LCC are recruited and appointed in accordance with ECB guidelines and relevant legislation. 

The Club Welfare Officer as a member of the General Committee shall have a significant role within the process for recruiting volunteers and staff to LCC.

The safety of children is paramount in all activities at LCC and these guidelines are designed to help us in this. LCC is committed in the Constitution to providing a safe environment for children. By adopting the points outlined here we will be putting in place the best current practice to protect children whenever a volunteer is sought to work with them. 

LCC recognise that most of those working with children in cricket only have the best possible intentions. However, LCC also recognises that it has a responsibility to safeguard children participating in cricket, by providing a safe and enjoyable environment.   LCC understands that sound recruitment and selection procedures will help screen out those who are not suitable.

When we recruit new volunteers, or consider recruiting paid staff, all reasonable steps must be taken to ensure unsuitable people are prevented from working with children. In addition, the volunteer selection processes used by us must be consistent and fair at all times. 

This guidance outlines methods we can use to assist recruitment choices.  While this guidance has a special emphasis on recruiting volunteers to work with children, it will also be applied to the recruitment of all volunteers and paid staff.



When a role within LCC is identified, the General Committee will confirm the Terms of Reference for that role and agree to begin the process of finding the right person for the role.

Notice of the new role will be included in LCC normal correspondence to members through notice boards, personal contacts, newsletters and the LCC website.

Candidates for the roles will be considered by the General Committee in accordance with the guidance herein and a short list will be established.

The General Committee will then nominate members including the CWO, to conduct interviews to establish the most appropriate candidate and prepare a report for the General Committee. 

Recruitment Decisions  

LCC will consider all the information we receive on the candidate through the appointment and vetting process.  This information will be considered alongside the outcome of the discussions of the General Committee before an informed decision is made about the appointment.